Friday, April 27, 2007


You ever get in the mood to type something but for some reason, you can't think of anything to write? Well, that is the kind of mood I am in right now.

Since I arrived at work this morning, I have thought about "The Office", my wife's birthday, a trip to China, and my movie projector. But as I struggled thought this Friday, one thing is obvious to me...MY ASS HURTS ! ! !

Have you ever sat on a horse and had the horse jump up and down so hard you could feel it for a week? I haven't. But if I could imagine it, this is probably what it would feel like the next morning.

As my ass is still hurting, there are several things I could do to make it better...without everyone in the office noticing. For this fact, I have chosen the "less subtle" but very effective method of "ass to chair grinding" (ahh, that feels good...right there on that spot).

I hope this pain goes away soon and I TRULY hope that my imformative writing has brought to front a very problematic state. Nothing is more serious at this very moment than my ass hurting.

So as everyone is writing their blogs about daily events and accomplishments...I want to you think of one thing...MY ASS HURTS ! ! !


Gotta Run said...

It is official.... my husband is weird....but SO funny!! I totally get you Scott!


Mendy said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud (like a crazy person) while in a quiet work environment. I needed that! You 'aint right...