Thursday, June 7, 2007

Total Eclipse of the "BLUE MOON"

Been a long time since I posted so I thought I would briefly update you on my Greenville Tri Training.

Last night was the hardest night so far....I had two pieces of pizza and a beer. The beer really didn't go down that easily as I probably haven't trained as well over the last few days as I needed to. Saturday night was a good training day, but unfortunatley, I haven't trained much this week until last night. The pizza you ask?....that was really paid off there.

Seriously though...

Last night was a nice casual swim and was really enjoyable and relaxing. I didn't try to 'bust ass' as it was only my 3rd time in the pool in...well...15 years. I just took it nice and easy and really practiced on my breathing and form. Felt alot more comfortable in the pool yesterday and had no doubt when I was finished that I could "smoke" the little kids that were having swimming lessons in the lane next to me.

Speaking of the little kids...."Please keep you little "floaties" in your swim area". I took one of those in the head and the first thing I though was that it was either a 'fart bubble' or a "Babe Ruth" bar.

I am still having a difficult time focusing on my position in the lane when sharing it with someone else. I tend to "sway" a little bit when I "over reach" and it causes me to move into the other lane. David didn't seem to mind though as he let me hold onto his "blue marble bag" long enough to get me to the edge of the pool.

It was a good workout though. Despite the phantom "fart bubbles" and the site of David in his blue speedo, I swam 500 meters and will do the same on Saturday but try and string 5-100 meters lengths together rather than the 50m that I did last night.

One question as I end...does anyone like "BLUE MOON"....(nope, not the beer either).



Gotta Run said...

This relationship between you and David is just too funny!!

GREAT swim workout. I can already see huge improvements!!

David said...

You forgot to mention how sheer the material on the shorts is. I KNOW you got a good look at them! ;-) And thanks for confirming what a sweet ass I have.

Great job on getting into the pool. I hope you're a natural at it, because I honestly feel like a drowning puppy sometimes. Doing great, and I'm looking forward to the tri clinic!

Mendy said...

This is too funny! I'm with Robin, this is weird, but a great way to break up a boring day at work!

"Fart Bubble"/"Babe ruth" Oh my!!! Apparently, I'm a drunk swimmer too and cross over in my lane.

I'm so excited about our tri and can't wait for the clinic to start, we're gonna have fun. Great job on getting in the pool and swimming for that long! That's fantastic!

Nikki said...

ROFLMAO!!! Why oh why oh why can't i get a picture of the "blue moon" ??? :'(

I rooting for Mendy to get me a pic :P I think I might have to resort to bribery!! ( Marcy will help me out I'm sure :D )

Great swim...3 times in 15 years?

I can imagine that the kids threw that pool noodle at you because of the blue moon? ;) J/K!!

Good luck on the tri- training!