Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"C" is for COOKIE

It is Wednesday morning (9:40am) and the first phone call from my wife was to let me know that my "diet sucks". She is right. I will explain why.

As I try to get back into shape there are several ways that I can accomplish it. The most obvious is to exercise more - which I have been doing at a moderate pace..just not where I need to be....

You know what...everyone knows how to exercise so I will not bore you with those details. Let's take a look at some of my favorite foods - over the last week - and show the benefits from eating them.

McDonalds Chicken Nuggets - Protein..need I say more.
Smarties - FRUIT GROUP ! !
Beer - builds biceps and forearms (depending on how you hold the bottle)

And finally, the other three things of JUNK I had this week are DORITOS (dairy group), BREWSTERS (dairy group), and a BIG COOKIE with ICE CREAM (dairy group) and Chocolate sauce on it (SURVIVOR TREAT)....did I mention that my wife had all of these as well?

It is hard to eat right only becuase all the crap food taste so good. At work, I eat VERY WELL and I haven't had a beer in 2 days (shaking, shaking). But I keep trying...and exercising is picking up a bit.

So without further delay...her is a list of food that I LOVE THE MOST...(in order)

5. Orange Sherbert - good for you...just not in the portions I have
4. Smartees - little orgasim in your mouth
3. Medium Rare meat - any type (will wait for David's comment on this)
2. pepperoni - (still will wait for a comment from David)
And the #1 food I love the most - Chips (the greasier and saltier the better)

Until the next blog and CHIPS AHOY ! !


Gotta Run said...

Yes I did eat some of this very same food BUT I am also workking my butt off. I only have your best interest in mind my dear.

You know how GREAT you feel when you don't have those extra pounds on. Love and support is all I have for you!!!

Mendy said...

I LOVE smartees. I steal Grace's sometimes out of our candy drawer. Don't tell anyone. :-0

I also, LOVE bad for ya food, guess that's why I'm on a diet now. boo hoo. Oh well. It's worth eating well, to look hot during the summer in a bikini (when I drop these stubborn lbs).

BTW, Cookie monster won't be eating as many cookies. It's a shame...

Jason The Running Man said...