Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just one of those mornings

Ever have one of those mornings where nothing goes right and you just hope that today "picks up a little"....even just deviate from the morning just a little. I sure the hell hope that it today. Let me break down what has happened since I woke up at 6:50am.
Times are approximates.
6:51 - Dog would not pee...that put me behind right off the bat

6:55 - drop the shampoo in the shower. While bending over to get it, my ass hits the cold wall of the shower.

7:00 - The shirt that I was ironing in the dryer was not done yet...had to wait a couple of minutes.

7:02 - walk the dog again so she can go #2...she just ate. Decided not to wear shoes or socks...stepped in DOG SHIT. Guess I didn't pick it all up last night.

7:03 - washed my foot and got my pant leg wet

7:05 - finally sat down for breakfast (cereal)....waited too long to begin after pouring in the milk....SOGGY

7:10 - Get the catfood and going to feed them. Stepped on a tack in the garage...did I mention I still have NO SHOES ON ! ! !
7:18 - leave the house...no problems here

7:42 - arrive in the office

8:00 - need to make copies of SPC report....paper jams

8:05 - fix copying machine but for some reason....still senses paper jam.

8:10 - after 5 minutes of trying I go back to my office to print the report on my printer.

8:11 - NO MORE INK ! ! !

I hope everyone has a great day....I am not moving from my chair until 5:00pm.


David said...

"'PC Loadletter'? What the f___ does that mean?"

Jason The Running Man said...

don't move...stay still...David will come save you in his blue speedos! Glad your back posting!

Gotta Run said...

Jason is right... TOO FUNNY!

David will save you!!!

Mendy said...

Oh my! Hope your evening goes better! Just sit at your desk, and look at the walls - or out your windows at downtown. You crack me up!!!