Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Potholes and Pinheads

Last night I went on a moderate bike ride and couldn't help but to think of the two things that bother me most about the road..."potholes" and "pinheads".

The potholes are frustrating enough. Do I move to the left or do I move to the right? Fairly simple decision and I am comfortable choosing either one. But the "pinheads"....completely different story. I will explain:

There were three instances last night on my 20 mile venture that stood out...all including "less that educated drivers" or "just plain idiots". I affectionately refer to these 3 types of people as "pinheads".

Encounter #1 - about 10 minutes into my ride a car was coming at me from the opposite direction. Obviosly no need to for this "male pinhead" to feel any threat from me on my bike. He slowed down and yelled out the window to "get my ass on the sidewalk". I shouted back with some "less than complimentary words" that he was basically an asshole. I can't remember what he was driving...some little piece of crap. If I threw the DMV manual at his car - you know the section about how bikes obey all rules that car do - it probably would have gotten stuck in the crack in his windshield. Undoubtedly formed by a past beer can he threw at it in a domestic dispute.

Encounter #2 - Same shit as point #1...different time....except a "beep" by a women....PINHEAD.

Encounter #3 - about 1 hour into my ride I was cruising down Anderson Ridge road...a moderate pace around 20mph. All of a sudden a car was right next to me. Because she was driving from behind me in the same direction, I didn't notice her until she was on my left hip....or at least 1 inch from it. I am NOT KIDDING about this when i say how close she was. Matter of fact she was SO DAMN CLOSE...she noticed that I was there and swerved into the other lane as part of a "reflex reaction". Guess what...this PINHEAD was on her cell phone driving to damn fast. It was TOO close...I went off the road....guess what...PINHEAD #3 never F$&^#%^ stopped ! ! ! !

Becare careful and Be Safe...their are alot of potholes out there...but MORE PINHEADS ! ! !


David said...

I'm often tempted to carry around a bunch of sparkplug ceramic pieces, and hurl them at jerks in cars. As you may know, that ceramic around the top of a sparkplug has a perfect harmonic quality that will shatter glass. Just FYI. ;)

Mendy said...

Scott, this is what scares me most about being on the road - Ask David. We had a similar situation like #3 of yours. We were on the way back roads and this minivan mom (probably on the phone) was behind David and I riding, came so close to me (there were no other cars on the road at all), that if I would have sped up any (going downhill), I would have hit her bumper after she passed and proceeded to get back over RIGHT in front of me. It was even close for David, as he took off down the hill after her (she was in a car) and he was close to catching up to her, until she realized it and took off. That scared the daylights out of me.

I wish we had bumper stickers for our bikes, that said "read the DMV manual you jealous, can't drive while on the phone (insert your preferred word here)"

Gotta Run said...

Sad part is that you will have plenty more idiots out there that just plain don’t get it. Share the road or stay at home!!

Great job I the ride! I know you enjoyed it.