Sunday, May 20, 2007


The world is a strange place...with many unknowns. We send our eyes around corners before our bodies and we always keep a light on in the back of our mind. But there is one thing that never changes, never judges, and never stops loving us. That is our spouse.

I know you are probably sitting back and wondering why i am writing about something that would seem to be a "far stretch" from my past blogs. There is only one reason. My wife has returned from a weekend trip with her sister, and her return was much anticipated.

When she leaves I feel lost - almost completely out of place - in this strange world. I have lived 34 years before I married Robin and she is gone for a weekend and I am lost. Almost as if I am a sad child who is lost in a store or an elderly person lost looking for a car in the parking lot.

Sure I was fine when she was gone, I kept up the normal weekend chores and did the weekly shopping. But still, without her here, something was missing. Something deep in my eyes that allows me to "look around the corner before my body"...and something deep in the back of the mind that "keeps the light on for me".

I know my wife really loved the time she spend with her sister. But for her to arrive home after what seemed and eternity was one of the best moments of our marriage.'s a strange world.


Jason The Running Man said...

Scott - Great post but I must say your making me look really bad!!!:) My wife reads your blog so stop would you!...just kidding of course...good stuff!

David said...


j/k, I know the feeling, and I'm sure you are glad to have her back. It does almost make me wonder what you messed up over the weekend that you are trying to make up for, though. ;-)

Gotta Run said...

I was just as happy to arrive home as Scott was to see me pulling in. It is nice to be missed and to miss the ones we love.

Mendy said...

Ahhh... what a sweet hubby you are! It's always good to hear that there are couples that are still in love these days, especially with all the negativity in this world. That was very sweet!!!